09:30 AM

Inauguration ceremony

09:45 AM

Tea/ Poster session

10:00 AM

Dr. Manju Gupta, INMAS, Delhi

Title: Countermeasure against nuclear emergencies yet an unaccomplished task: scenario at globe

10:25 AM

Dr. P. K. Sahoo, DIPSAR, Delhi

Title: Growth and present scenario of Pharmaceutical education in India

10:40 AM

Dr. Uma Kumar, AIIMS, Delhi

Title: Current trends in management of Rheumatoid Arthritis

11:05 AM

Dr. Anamika Paul, Galgotia University, Greater Noida

Title: PLACEBO: Treatment without medicine

11:30 AM

Dr. Pooja Gupta, AIIMS, Delhi

Title: Role of Nanotechnology in treatment optimization carvedilol case study

11:50 AM

Dr. Prem Tripathi, Amity University, Noida

Title: Role of Jmjd3 in brain development: potential as a therapeutic target

12:10 PM

Dr. Shakti Sahi, Gautam Buddha University, Noida

Title: Integrating structure based virtual screening, systems biology and biological circuits in drug discovery

12:30 PM

Dr. S. Ramachandran, CSIR-IGIB, Delhi

Title: The DapA target of M. tuberculosis

12:50 PM

Student Presentation

01:00 PM


02:00 PM

Dr. Vijay Dahiphale, Dahiphale Multi Speciality Hospital, 

Title: Erectile dysfunction treatments and role of stem cell therapy

02:25 PM

Dr. Kalpana Bhargava, DIPAS, Delhi

Title: Applied Tools in Drug Discovery

02:50 PM

Dr. Pratibha Nand, SP College of Pharmacy, Sonepat

Title: Recent trends and challenges of transdermal drug delivery system

03:15 PM

Dr. Savita Yadav, AIIMS, New Delhi

Title: A step towards non –invasive diagnosis of ovarian/cervical cancer by salivary proteomics

03:35 PM

Dr. Sonu Gandhi, Amity University, Noida

Title: Lactoferrin mediated delivery of iron oxide nanoparticles for glioma cells

03:55 PM

Dr. Sagarika Biswas, CSIR-IGIB, Delhi

Title: Proteomic study in inflammatory diseases

04:10 PM

Student Presentation


Dr. Sarala Balachandran, CSIR-IGIB, Delhi

Concluding talk

04:35 PM